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Nvidia shoots paint in Intel's face

by on28 August 2008


Nvision 2008: Intel's smiley and we are the Mona Lisa

Nvidia just added a lot of oil to the fire. This time it was not Jensen, but his marketing people, who hired two guys from Mythbusters to explain what a CPU and a GPU are. You can take an educated guess to figure out that Intel was represented as a CPU robot while Nvidia was a GPU.

Mythbusters used Robot, a small one when it comes to Intel, and the robot that was shooting paintballs was supposed to draw a smiley face. It was doing it shot by shot and it took him a while to paint a smiley face, let’s say 40 seconds to draw a face, eyes and lips.

Then they said, let’s make a picture with a GPU, made of pixels, of course. They took a robot that was the size of a room and the guys said that he is capable of drawing the Mona Lisa, all in one pass. After some preparation, the big robot shoots some 200+ paintballs at the same time and iy drew a very primitive version of the Mona Lisa, at once. It got standing ovations.  

The guys have heated the audience and they got everyone’s attention, and they did a good job in painting a picture to explain that a GPU is way more powerful than a CPU, and they got it right. Dan Vivoli's man, Rob Csonger, came up with an idea; and we have to say that both Dan, who is a Vice President of marketing, and Rob did a great job to paint this picure.   

The big problem is that such a stunt will make Intel even more furious.



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