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AMD plans to keep the 25 per cent of market

by on06 March 2007

Needs 30 percent to breaks the monopoly


AMD obviously lost some market share to a very good Core 2 Duo but the Hector Ruiz the CEO of the company said that the company doesn’t plan to drop below 25 percent. The mid twenties are "realistic sustainable market share for AMD in the future" said Ruiz.

He also added that you need at least thirty percent or more to break the monopoly. He obviously meant on Intel's monopole but the big boss didn’t mention the name. It is like in Harry Potter, the one we do not speak about.

Hector also believes that his company plans to grow rather than sinking to Intel and Barcelona will certainly help this effort. The big company really believes in this native Quad core chip and it believes in technologies such as Fusion.

This is what the company believes and if Barcelona turns to be that good, CNN and other mainstream media will glorify this server chip one more time and it will boost the sales of mainstream stuff. We are possibly looking at the repeat of 2003 and the big Opteron announcement, but only if Barcelona is really good.

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