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Dell to buy more from AMD

by on06 March 2007


About to ramp up

Hector said a lot of thing and one that caught our eyes is certainly the fact that AMD expects a huge increase in orders from Dell. Dell is the number two OEM player just after Voodoo PC powered HP.

But Dell and its Alienware are just way cooler when it comes to games as HP doesn’t understand a thing about it. Maybe Rahul the most famous blogger after Roy Taylor from Nvidia will make them.

Anyhow when a moderator asked Hector the mighty king of AMD about the company's market share the big boss replied that Dell plans to significantly ramps up the orders of AMD CPUs. This means that you can expect significantly more Dell powered machine powered with AMD. This should take place in the months to come.

I am sure that many of these machines will be powered with ATI as if you buy a bundle you get it cheaper and Rick Hegberg a new VP of sales will make sure you are treated well.  Rick use to be a sales VP of ATI and now he does the same at AMD, just in a bigger league.

So AMD is not in that much of a trouble after all as with Barcelona and a lot of orders from Dell the company should be fine. I can imagine that they will sell loads RV630 and RV610 cards to the OEM's as well and R690 chipset will be a popular as well.

AMD also expects that the Channel market has to grow this year and distribution needs to get on track. The company estimate that this will happen very soon.

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