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Intel launches 50W Quad core

by on12 March 2007

Xeon L5320 and L5310


Intel just introduced two new Quad core Xeon CPUs and these babies needs 50W only. The modern Quad core Xeon CPU usually consumes 80 to 120W so this is a big step forward. Intel, sort of, did it to save your power bill as the new quad core needs only 12.5 watts per core and it delivers a similar performance to a standard Quad core.

Intel has two new CPUs, the Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor L5320 and L5310. The new 50-watt quad-core processors work at 1.86 GHz and 1.60 GHz, have 8 MB cache memory and 1066 MHz FSB. If you buy 1,000 processors and pick a L5320 you will pay $519 per CPU and the L5310 for $455.


The usual suspects will present servers based on these new low voltage CPUs and in next few months you can expect to see Acer, Dell, Digital Henge, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, HCL, IBM, Rackable Systems, Samsung, Verari, Wipro and other companies to start selling these low voltage servers.

If you are in the hosting business you will stay away as much as you can from the Quad core as it is simply way to expensive and a dual core does the job.



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