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Intel E6850 comes in Q3

by on13 March 2007

Roadmap: FSB 1333 included


None of the quad core will be able to work with FSB 1066 at least not anytime soon. Intel plans to reveal four CPUs all quad core that will be able to cope with FSB 1333 MHz. the fastest one will be called E6850 and it will work at milestone 3 GHz.

All the CPUs have the same specs that includes 65 nanometre core based on Conroe CPU, 4 MB of cache memory Intel V-pro 2007 and a new marchitecture called Intel TXT.

The second in line will end up with E6750 brand and it will work at 2.66 GHz, third is E6550 a new CPU clocked at 2.33 GHz and the last is called E6540 that works again at 2.33 but doesn’t supports TXT.

We will find out for you what Intel TXT stands for.  

Last modified on 13 March 2007
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