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Blades drawn between IBM and HP

by on20 March 2007

IBM counter strikes

IBM has attacked HP over claims that its blade servers ran colder than those made by Big Blue.

HP released laboratory-based research which it claimed its BladeSystem c-Class used up to 27 per cent less power than the IBM BladeCenter-H in similar configurations.

However today IBM said that HP's report made the dubious claim that IBM's use of expansion boards for additional memory cost too much and the HP BladeSystem with ProLiant BL460c significantly outperforms the IBM BladeCenter-H with HS21.

An IBM spokesman said that the IBM configuration gave clients greater flexibility and functionality, however it is not likely that a client would be running both.

Fewer than 10 per cent of its customers use these expansion options and very few would choose both, making the test unrealistic and not at all real-world, as HP claimed, said IBM.

It added that HP’s results were otherwise only showing them as having a 27 percent advantage on this configuration, that validates IBM testing stating IBM is up to 24 percent more energy efficient than HP.

It added that the test did not use up to date products in its testing and that "If HP had tested BladeCenter with the current code, IBM is confident it would have resulted in clear IBM leadership in power efficiency per blade."


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