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Israelis save Intel from profit dive

by on30 March 2007


Latest drive comes from Haifa

Intel's latest generation of chips comes solely from new ideas coming from its Israeli development sites. According to Bloomberg News, the bright ideas coming from Haifa might have been the reason that Intel is not in quite so much trouble as it should be and even stole the march on AMD.

It was the Israeli team that forced Intel to stop thinking about faster clock speed as the key to measuring how well a computer performs.

Shmuel Eden, former head of the Israel Development Center said that his team realised the danger in the obsession with speed was heat and this was a major

problem with the designs they had for thin notebooks.

In Haifa, Rony Friedman worked on a chip for low-cost computers that was slower, but it put out less heat which was how the Centrino was born.

Since then Intel has introduced 40 new processors most based on design's coming from Israel.

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