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Dual Shock 3 might rumble at TGS

by on17 September 2007


Rumor floating around the web


According to the various reports, mostly based on 1UP's podcast and CVG, Sony will present the new SixAxis rumble controller at Tokyo Game Show.

Just for the sake of argument let us remember that Immersion won the suit against Sony for Dual Shock and Dual Shock 2 controller rumble technology. After that, in March, those two companies started "exploring" possibilities of a new controller for PS3, but yet again all mighty Sony refused to comment on it.

Rumors have started a while back when we saw unconfirmed reports about the rumble SixAxis that certain developers got, but Sony refused to comment about those rumors.

Bottom line is that rumble Dual Shock 3 is coming. Will Sony decide to show it on TGS or not is a whole different story. It will probably look the same as plain Dual Shock.


Last modified on 18 September 2007
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