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Intel Quad core ramps up to 3 percent

by on04 April 2007


Of the total Intel CPU production

Intel is very noisy about its Quad core. It should be, as it is the only company that has a Quad core in one socket. But it is disturbing how few of these CPUs are actually produced.

In Q1 2007, the quarter that just ended, Quad core made up just two percent of the total CPU shipments.  At the same time Core 2 Duo accounted for 35 percent of the overall CPUs production in the quarter. In the second quarter Intel will ramp up the Quad core production to three percent only, while the Core 2 Duo will occupy 52 percent of the total CPU market.

In Q3 2007 Intel plans to grow the Quad core market and production to five percent, while in Q4 it plans to end the year with total of six percent of the market share for its Quad core. In Q4 Core 2 Duo will take up a massive 61 percent of the CPU production, at least this is the plan.

Media are making so much noise about the "two to three percent" of the Intel Quad core shipments. Well I guess that this just proves a lesson that we've already learned with high end graphics cards. La crème is always expensive and it takes up only a few percent of the market share.  




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