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Yorkfield QC (45nm) quantities ridiculous

by on18 April 2007


Intel roadmap: Only 0.03 of capacity in Q1 2008

We had a chance to see Intel's latest desktop plans for this year and Q1 next year. Even though Intel is screaming about how its 45 nanometre process is ready, it wont actually reflect much on Q1 2008 production numbers.

The Yorkfield Quad core at 45 nanometre will be just 0.03 per cent of Intel's total CPU production. This is a ridiculously low number.

It won't be much better with the Dual core Wolfdale (45nm) core. This baby will only take 0.13 per cent of the total production in Q1 2008. Even the 65 nanometre quad core will decrease from 6 per cent in Q4 to only 3 per cent of all CPUs in Q1 2008.

So this is how quad core really pays off.



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