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K10 desktop volume is next year

by on23 April 2007


Opterons and Quad FX parts in 2007 only

AMD won't have much K10 parts for desktops, at least not in 2007. The initial batch of Barcelona K10 parts will be reserved exclusively for servers and at a later date some parts will be released as the Athlon FX socket 1207 parts. This is expected in Q3 2007.

Unfortunately you can expect only a few AM2+ based desktop parts this year and this will happen in Q4 and not before. The real volume production of desktop K10's is scheduled for early next year so it is not that they will be widely available for the pre-Xmas shopping spree.

The good news is that K10 at 2.5 GHz makes Intel's 3GHz run for its money, just as Core 2 Duo makes K8 runs for its.

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