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Torrenza 'Market Ready' claims AMD

by on01 May 2007



Not pie in the sky

AMD is claiming that its Torrenza initiative is producing market ready designs.The initiative which is an effort to open up AMDs hardware and encourage third parties to build secondary components around the firm’s processors was started 11 months ago.

According to TG Daily, that although little has been heard from the project, AMD has assured it that Torrenza isn’t just a vision. Numerous "market ready" designs have become available and the fact that no one has heard of them is because they are very young products and mostly target a high-end market with little mass market appeal.

One included application was for Wall Street traders and another was the XTX accelerator card from Tarari, which specifically offloads antivirus search and management from the processor.

AMD says it is working on several  products, but the company isn’t quite ready to reveal details.

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