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AMD goes DDR3 at 45 nm

by on03 May 2007


2008 roadmap

AMD won't be going anywhere close to DDR3 this year and it will leave Intel to force the memory guys to ramp up the DDR 3 memory production. It plans to change its memory controller in 2008 and embrace this new memory standard then.

There will be four 45 nanometre cores supporting DDR3 and three of them will use socket AM3. Socket AM3 brings support for DDR 3 memory.

The cheapest core is codenamed Regor and it is a dual core without L3 cache memory. It supports DDR3, comes in socket AM3 and it is built on a 45 nanometre process.

The second contender is a dual core codenamed Propus, again DDR3, socket AM3 and built at 45 nanometre.

The 45 nanometre quad core that supports DDR3 that comes in the AM3 flavor is codenamed Deneb. Don’t confuse this one with Shanghai, as this one only supports DDR2 memory.

The last one is based on the same Deneb core, but it will be called Deneb FX as it is a quad core DDR3, 45 nanometre chip for Quad FX. I am sure that Socket 1207 will get a facelift to be able to cope with DDR3.

It should be possible to put two Deneb cores on the same die, but we still don’t have any confirmations about the eight core version.

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