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Quad Core QX6700 goes to 4.88 GHz

by on08 June 2007
Computex 07:
Abit board and Xtremesystems chaps

Abit had quite a show with two top overclockers trying to get the Quad core at 5 GHz. Well they almost made it, Crotale and Fugger and the other chap managed to get 4,884.2 MHz out of the 2.66 GHz core and that is when the machine gave away.

This guy used a liquid nitrogen or something but we will try to get more details about it. 5 GHz was really close but still hard to reach.  

The guys used Abit AB9 Quad GT motherboard and Charles aka Fugger managed to get his $80 Core 2 Duo 6320 from 1.86 to 3,388 MHz This is almost a 100 percent overclock and the chap did it with a Zalman heatpipe like cooler, so Air cooling.  

They really know what they are doing.



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