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Intel V8 eight core gaming to go DDR3

by on09 June 2007


Computex 07: FB dimms chipset can take DDR3

Our sources have confirmed that Intel Skulltrail gaming platform might get a DDR 3 support before it gets available. Intel calls this system a V8 and there might be a new version of the chipset and motherboard that could support DDR3.

FB-DIMMs actually are not that different from DDR3 and the chipset should be able to do it. Such a board is in design as Intel wants to go to market with it.

Currently the V8 Skulltrail supports FBDIMMS, server memory only but Intel will make a DDR3 version of the motherboard and probably give hard competition to a future Quad FX based on two K10 CPUs.

Anyway, Intel will be the first to market with eight core system to compete with Quad FX 8 core. AMDs Quad FX eight core will go one once K10 gets ready but it looks like a Q4 if not later.

Intel wants to lead this game and things looks good for it.

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