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Intel feels confident for the rest of 2007

by on18 June 2007


Intel roadmap:
So says the roadmap

For the first
time in more than 18 months, Intel haven't significantly changed its roadmaps between two releases. The company hardly changed a thing and it is still waiting for the K10 to attack with the right freqency.

At this time Intel competes with its own products, with Quad and Dual cores as Core 2 Duo is far superior to the K8 generation and AMD has yet to announce the K10 processors.

Intel is still planning to release the Yorkfield and Wolfdale 45 nanometre quad and dual core processors in Q1 2008, while it plans to announce the Harpertown quad core server CPU in Q4 2004.

This time Intel said that its high end quad core and dual core processors will use 1,333 MHz FSB as this is a logical step forward, but it didn’t reveale any frequencies. We are certain that Intel haven't decided on the real frequencies of its new chips, as this heavily depends on the Barcelona’s launch clock speeds.

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