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Penyryn to measure 107 square mm

by on27 June 2007

Has 820 million transistors

Intel has revelead some more information about its upcoming Penryn quad core server part and it will have 12MB of cache as we've mentioned before and it has no less than 820 million transistors.

Still, at 45nm, this monster chip is smaller than the current Clovertown Xeon processors with 8MB of cache, as Penryn measures 107mm2 compared to 143mm2 for Clovertown.

You can see a comparison between the cores as well as an AMD Barcelona with 4MB of cache here.

AMDs Barcelona with 4MB of cache is much bigger at 283mm2 but it's worth remembering that this is a native quad core part, not two dual core chips stuck together and it's still at 65nm. 
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