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Barcelona has HT3.0 disabled

by on02 July 2007


As requested by HP

Our source close to AMD claims that Barcelona has native Hypertransport 3.0, but that only HT 1.0 will be enabled. This interesting development comes as ordered by HP who wanted to have Barcelona fully compatible with its existing series of servers.

Apparently Hyper Transport 3.0 enabled Barcelona CPU's wouldn't work some HP servers available and HP explicitly requested to cut the support out, at lease this is what or sources believe.

As we reported earlier, the Budapest K10 version with HT 3.0 comes roughly a quarter after Barcelona and this was the plan all along. On the current roadmap Budapest comes in Q1  

We suggest to take this story with a grain of salt, but we really liked this conspiracy theory that we decided to go for it. Bad HP for DAAMIT, not to mention the PR in the EU and USA, yes we do like abbreviations.

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