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Intel prepares for price drops

by on02 July 2007


July 22nd 

Intel is preparing to introduce the E6x50 and Q6x50 series this month and it also plans to drop the prices of the exsisting CPUs. The oop of the range 3GHz E6850 with FSB 1333 will only cost $266 at launch, while the cheapest of the Quad cores, the Q6600 will drop to the same $266 mark.

The next price drop, at least the next big one, is planned for the September 2nd when some products are going to become cheaper.

It is no coincidence, as Intel counts on a strong Q3 to make the Barcelona launch a bit more difficult with the new cheaper prices.

Barcelona should arrive in late September or October and we confirmed this by listening to Vice President of Marketing at AMD, Mr Ed Fisher stating these time frames.

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