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E6750 and E6550 FSB 1333 also listed

by on05 July 2007


ETA 15 days or less

We found out that Intel already let its etailers to list E6850 the 3 GHz FSB 1333 CPU and we found out that even the two slower iterations are listed and price.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 clocked at 2x2.66 is listed for €176 and naturally it has FBS 1333 and 4 MB cache and should be available latest on the 22nd of this month. The slowest Core 2 Duo FSB 1333 MHz will work at 2x2.33 GHz, will come with 4 MB cache and will cost around €160. We believe that the difference is not significant to go for this one as for only €16 you will be able to get significantly faster CPU.

On Intel's roadmap these CPUs should be available latest on the 22nd but Intel might launch them earlier.

You can pre order E6750 here or €6550 here.




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