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AMD promises to stop lying about Barcelona

by on06 July 2007


Site upgrade promised

Chipmaker AMD has promised to take down two marketing slides from its website that show a dubious comparison between its upcoming quad core Barcelona processor and Intel's Xeon quad core chips.

The figures are based on benchmarks for floating point and integer calculations and show AMD beats its rival by 25 per cent on integral and 60 per cent on floating point calculations.

However the Intel data is old and AMD's benchmarks are based on estimates for a chip that is much faster than the 2.0GHz model that will start shipping in August. Intel also has a 3.0 Ghz machine coming out.

AMD earlier this year denounced Intel for publishing skewed benchmark results.
A spokesperson for AMD said that it was working to remove the information from its website. He admitted that it was not an accurate reflection of the highest performance of Intel processors.

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