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Intel's QX6850 FSB 1333 quad is out

by on16 July 2007


A bit faster than the previous one

Intel has finally introduce the first of its FSB 1333 series of processors and we can confirm that the QX6850 is a bit faster than the QX6800 with the FSB 1066.

Intel also introduced a bunch of E6x50 processors, including the 3GHz FSB 1333 dual core and these processors should be available during the day. The E6850 at 3 GHz should cost around €250 to €270 depending on the store and we can imagine that it will be a very popular CPU.

So intel is ready for the next generation fight versus K10 and K10 is not even close to kick Intel's butt, at least not today.

We are working on a review of this Quad core so stay tuned for more. 

Last modified on 16 July 2007
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