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AMD to lose more than expected, 540 to $570 million

by on16 July 2007


Exclusive: AMD Q2 preliminary numbers out

After Computex we told the world that AMD is about to lose about 600 million in Q2 and I guess we were not far off. According to our massive investigation and numerous industry sources included we managed to get very close number to the one that AMD plans to release this month. AMD is expected to post between 540 to $570 which is higher than expected loss.

Later today at 10:00 a.m. ET AMD plans to talk to investors and will probably mention that the company will lose more than expected. Our team estimates that AMD made $1.4 billion in overall sales and they made better sales from a previous quarter as the whole industry grew and prices dropped even further.

However, the company is going through a cash crisis. Like in Q1, even though the loss will net just over half a billion, the net decrease in cash will be more dramatic.

We closely analyzed company's financial trends and talked to partners, competitors and other industry players and estimate a change in its cash position to be in the range of 800 million or more.AMD will announce a loss of 540-570 million which is very close to our original 600 million estimates. No one has expected such deep loss in the second quarter when Vista and many brand new PCs went on sales.

We also looked at the company's revenue flows by department. In our opinion, Dave Orton's departure at the end of this month is in no way related to his business unit's financial performance. Graphics division of AMD did better than expected in Q1 and will be on track in Q2.

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