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45 nanometre Intel CPUs rides at FSB 1333

by on17 July 2007


Desktop roadmap: Only one dual core is FSB 1066

You will
certainly need the motherboard that can cope with FSB 1333 to get the next generation 45 nanometre processors working in your board. Six from seven 45 nanometre core needs the FSB 1333 board to work.

Intel doesn’t talk about the clock speeds but the dual core Wolfdale is going to be the only 45 nanometre that works at FSB 1066. This is not the only handicap and this dual core will have 3MB only.

The second in line Wolfdale will have 6MB cache and FSB 1333 and so will the other two that we don’t know the frequencies now. There is a rumour that the highest clocked one works at 3.33 GHz but Intel doesn’t official confirms that in the document.

Three Yorkfield QC processors will work with FSB 1333 and will have 12 MB cache or should we say 2x6MB but we don’t know any real clock details as Intel still doesn’t want to share.

Intel will also announce its financial numbers today.

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