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Yorkfield QC is 2 per cent in Q4 2007

by on18 July 2007


Roadmap: Of total CPU shipments

The Yorkfield Quad core 45 nanometre CPU at higher clock speed should take two per cent of total CPU shipments in Q4 2007 and it should ramp up to five per cent in Q1 and a not so impressive six per cent in Q2 2008. The current Kentsfield core will take five per cent of total production in Q3 and Q4 and will decrease to make space for its 45 nm brother to two per cent in Q1 2008 and only one per cent in Q2 2008.

The Wolfdale dual core at 45 nanometre is off to an impressive start of 13 per cent in Q1 2008 and should ramp up to 23 per cent in Q2 2008.

To summarize, only two per cent of Intel's total CPU shipments will be 45 nanometre later this year, the number will increase to 18 per cent in Q1 2008 and finally in Q2 2008 it will increase to almost one third of total production or 29 per cent or all CPUs.

So Intel's 45 nanometre processors are really out late Q1 to Q2 at least in significant numbers.

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