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Pentium 4 Netburst CPUs now under $100

by on24 July 2007


3.2 GHz Dual core for $90

Most of remaining Pentium D and Pentium 4 processors haven’t changed the price on the 22nd July price cuts but 935, 3.2 GHz Dual core already costs only $90, Pentium D 925 at 3 GHz and 2x2MB cache costs $80, Pentium D 815 at 2.8 costs $80 and Pentium 4 641 single core costs $72. The slowest Pentium 4 single core at 3.0 GHz costs about $62 after the last price cut.

The only exception in this sub $100 Netburst line-up is 945 that work at 3.4 GHz who still costs $169. None of these processors changed its prices but there won’t be with us for much longer.

Most of these processors won’t be available from Intel after October so if you really want one, now might be the good time to spend the money.



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