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The world doesnt need a 3rd CPU player

by on26 July 2007


Nvidia CEO says

In the longer speach that the Nvidia boss held for the company investors, Jensen clearly said that the world doesnt need a third CPU player and this is not a direction where the company wants to go. I guess that he meant that the other two are Intel and AMD, as we know that VIA, Transmeta and IBM also make CPUs that can power computers.

Jensen also said that even with Nvidia's Tesla graphics card, that can calculate big streams of data, you still need a CPU and that CPU is one of the best engineered microprocessors in the world. It is programmable and it took Nvidia years until it moved into that space.

Today with G80, Nvidia's graphic chip can almost do all the tasks that a CPU can do, so there is only a thin line between the two.

This statement was supposed to tell the intestors that Nvidia won't be making a CPU in the near future, but as you know, plans can easily change.

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