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AMD grew in market share to 22.9

by on30 July 2007


But it loses the money in Q2

Advanced Micro Devices, the company better known as AMD is continuing to grow in market share. This is what AMD said to its investors last week.

In Q2 2005 AMD had 15.8 percent of the CPU market and 6 percent of chipset market. In Q2 2006 some year ago AMD grew its CPU market share to 21.6 percent while the chipset business increased to 6 percent.

The last numbers for Q2 2007 just came in and they come from Mercury PC processor and chipset report and according to it AMD now has 22.9 percent of the market while the chipset business picked up to 11 percent.

The chipset mainly increased due to acquisition of AMD as AMD 690 chipset was a big success and CPU market share continues to increase as AMD average selling price of a CPU went to toilet.

Now the biggest task for AMD through remains of 2007 and for 2008 is to increase the average selling prices of the CPUs but it do need more competitive products.

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