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3GHz Barcelona has 120W TDP

by on01 August 2007


But it is real

Charlie from the INQ wrote a nice piece about the 3GHz Barcelona and the FUD that surrounds it here and in addition to that our sources close to the company have informed us that this CPU has a TDP of 120W.

This is not that critical as Intel's 3 GHz doesn’t have much better TDP either, at least not at the same clock speed. Now AMD's biggest trouble is that Intel is going to 45 nanometre and will transition to a new process in Q4 and it will be able to launch an even faster Core 2 Quad . We’ve seen 3.16 GHz processors in the plans, but if necessary Intel can go for 3.33 GHz as well.

According to current plans, the 3GHz Barcelona should not be launched this year, but time will tell on this one.

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