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Kuma DC needs 0.94V for 1.6GHz

by on03 August 2007


1.25 for 3GHz speed

Talking about
voltages of the new Quad core reminded us that AMD also has a Dual core line up for the big production ramp in Q1 2008. The Kuma Dual Core has the same clock limitation and even though it needed less voltage to hit the Quad core speeds, it couldn't go any faster.

Well, with the B2 stepping that is all behind AMD. AMD can make the Kuma Dual core processor work at 1.6 GHz at a mere 0.94V  while the B0 stepping needed as much as 1.13V to get this speed.

The Kuma Dual core B2 stepping can work at 3 GHz speed with 1.25V while the first B0 revision needed the same 1.25 voltage for its maximum 2.4 GHz clock.

As the B1 stepping was buggy AMD needed to go for B2 and it looks like things should be fine for AMD. As we reported yesterday, the Kuma Dual core can work at 3.4 GHz with a bit more voltage. 

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