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2.33GHz Intel Wolfdale tested

by on06 August 2007


Faster than the E6550 in every test

HKEPC has got their hand on a 45nm Wolfdale ES sample clocked at 2.33GHz with 6MB of L2 cache and a 1,333MHz FSB and they've put it through the paces and put it up against a Core 2 Duo E6550.

HKEPC has run a wide range of tests on the two CPUs and the Wolfdale is faster in every single test, although in some cases only by half a percent or less. But in some test, CineBench 9.5 for example, it's between 7.5 to 19.2 percent faster.

But the most impressive number is the alpha version of DivX 6.6 with SSE4 support, over 115 percent performance increase, down from 69 seconds to 32 seconds when encoding a 1080p MPEG2 file to MPEG4. 

Looking at the game tests it seems to be about 10 percent faster on average, although for some reason it's more than 31 percent faster in Half-Life 2, up some 22 fps compared to the E6550.

It's also using a lot less power and running about 10-12 Centigrades cooler than the E6550. Even at full load the Wolfdale ES only draws 59W compared to 83W for the E6550.

You can check out more benchmark numbers here and if you know Chinese, there's a whole article to go with the results.
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