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Henry Richard leaves AMD

by on23 August 2007


Head of Sales and Marketing to depart in September

AMD has issued
an official announcement that Henri Richard, its head of Sales and Marketing, will be leaving the company in September. This seems an odd time for Richard to be leaving, since AMD is planning its premiere product launch of Barcelona, its quad-core server processor, on September 10th.

Richard has been significantly involved with Barcelona and logically would have been the executive to oversee its sales strategy to regain ground lost to Intel. However, Barcelona has had significant delays and technical problems and it has cost AMD significant revenue and delayed sales since AMD has been unable to compete with Intel’s quad-core chips. AMD has also had to slash the prices of its dual core chips to attempt to remain competitive.

Some say that Richard’s brash personality and business style during his five year stint did not endear him to many at AMD. But he did take AMD from its status as a company that focused selling to smaller suppliers to one that now sells to the world’s largest companies and competes with Intel, Dell and HP, among others. AMD did not offer any further comment about Richard, and Richard was unavailable for comment.

This is the second VP to leave the company as Dave Orton left the company in July and it looks like some rats might be running out of the sinking ship.

The news was first out on and The Inquirer was the first to confirm it.
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