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Dual Core FSB 1600MHz Xeon goes 3.4 GHz

by on30 August 2007


Intel Roadmap:
Penryn and Q4 comes early

Intel plans to unveil new Xeons with FSB 400MHz (1600MHz) and a dual core version called E5272 will run at astonishing 3.4 GHz.

This CPU is expected shortly and this will be the fastest Harpertown (Wolfdale), 45 nanometre Penryn class CPU for servers around. It will support socket LGA771 and it will cost $1139 at least if you are big customer buying from Intel’s distributors.

Quad core won’t pass 3.16 GHz at least not for the time being and this one is soon to be launched but with FSB 1333 only. The new FSB 1600MHz 3GHz Xeon and 3.16 GHz one will both be based on Yorkfield Quad core 45nm processor.

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