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K11 has 8 to 16 cores

by on31 August 2007


K11 = Bulldozer, 2009

AMD K11, codenamed Bulldozer, is the chip that is scheduled for early 2009. This will be the chip that should take care of high end market and co exist with overhyped Fusion.

K11 will have 8 to 16 cores and as far as we know it will be developed in 45 nanometre, which implies that it might be quite big chip. Intel should be switching to 32 nanometre at the same time but we are not sure if AMD can keep up the shrinking game.

The year 2008 is reserved for K10.5, a 45 nanometre shrink of Barcelona / K10 architecture while K11 is promised to be a new architecture with SSE5 that we mentioned here.

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