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Wolfdale 45 nm Xeons pulled in Q4 2007

by on05 September 2007


FSB 1600 at 3.4GHz, 1333 and 1066

There will be two Wolfdale 45 nanometre based Xeons to launch in Q4 2007. Originally, Intel wanted to launch these CPUs in Q1 2008 but I guess it wants to show off that it can launch the new 45 nm ones.

The top one is called Xeon E5272 and it is clocked at 3.4 GHz with FSB 1600MHz a first of its kind and this dual core CPU has 6MB of cache. We found some logic in names E54x2 is a FSB 1600MHz 45 nanometre part where four says it’s a Quad core while E52x2 clearly indicates it’s a dual core with FSB 1600 MHz. This top 3.4 GHz FSB 1600MHz CPU will cost $1136 at launch.

The second in line is E5260 and this zero means it’s a FSB 1333 CPU that works at 3.33 GHZ. It has 6 MB of memory and it will support socket 771 and will cost $827 at launch.

The last one is FSB 1066 CPU, something that we haven’t seen for a long time called E5205 clocked at 1.86GHz featuring 6MB of cache, socket 771 support and $173 price. This will probably be the most power efficient server CPU but we still don’t know many details about it.


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