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B2 revision K10 comes in Q4

by on14 September 2007


Shanghai / Moscow 07:  To bring faster Phenoms and Opterons

The B2 revision of K10, Barcelona / Phenom will be AMD's lifesaver. It is scheduled for Q4 and it will finally allow AMD to go over 2.5 and all the way to 3GHz speeds if not even faster.

The B1 revision had very bad stream, integer and float performance but luckily BA fixed that. The BA revision is improved, and the fixed B1 revision is suitable for mass production. The K10 B2 rev will be the revision that will reduce the voltage and allow the higher clocks.

Once the B2 hits the market, AMD should start feeling much better but Intel has some nasty competitors to K10 but at least the market will have an option to go green or blue.

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