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Yorkfield 3.2GHz to launch at FSB 1600

by on28 September 2007


Roadmap: On the 12th of November

Intel is still full of surprises and we've just learned that it plans to launch its quad core at 3.2 GHz with FSB 1600. The CPU is marked as DT C2QXEE 3.2G and it comes with 12 MB of cache, 2x 6MB per core and naturally it fits in socket 775.

This CPU is supposed to last from November till February when Intel will probably have a faster iteration that can replace this one.

We are quite sure that you will need X38 if not even X48 chipset to make it work and I guess that DAAMIT didn't expect such an aggressive move from Intel at the 45 nanometre quad core extreme launch.


Last modified on 28 September 2007
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