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Yorkfield 3.0GHz still works with FSB1333

by on28 September 2007


Roadmap: Launch in November

It looks like that the second in like Yorkfield 45nm quad core will work with FSB1333, just as everyone had expected. Intel already proved that it can go for 3.4GHz but we don't think it will launch at that speed simply because it doesn't have to.

The 3.0GHz Yorkfield CPU will work with FSB1333 and it is branded as DT C2QXE 3.0G and it will also have 2x6MB cache memory, just like any Yorkfield Quad core. It supports socket 775 and probably works with all P35, X38 and even G33 and G35 motherboards.

This SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) should last until February and after that it will probably be changed by faster iteration.

Last modified on 28 September 2007
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