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Intel has sacked 11,800 workers this year

by on17 October 2007


Since December, in spite of great fiscal results

double digit growth across the board, you might think that it would be good to be an Intel employee these days. Well, as it turns out, more than 11,000 employees would not agree with you.

The company had almost 100,000 workers in late December 2006. As of Q3 2007, the chipmaker listed 88,100 employees in its ranks. It turns out that 11,800 workers left, got laid off or fired during a 9-month period, an average of about 1,300 employees per month, or approximately 43 per day, including the weekends.

There is a simple lesson to be learned: when a company is boasting record financial results it is far better to be its shareholder than to be its employee. Fudzilla salutes all those employees who have fallen during the Price Wars of 2007; they will be remembered.


According to our colleagues at The Inq, Intel plans to reduce its workforce even further, and as many as 2,000 additional jobs will be eliminated by this year's end. However, the Inq's numbers indicate that 8,000 employees have lost their jobs thus far in 2007, so it's possible that our figures include the 2,000 additional planned reductions they're talking about. In any case, it doesn't look good for one in ten Intel workers worldwide.

Last modified on 18 October 2007
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