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Nehalem XEON MP (BECKTON) comes in 2009

by on20 October 2007


64 core machine in 2H 2009

We found an interesting post on one of the forums of what might be the first showcase of Nehalem XEON MP (BECKTON) schematics.

A lot of the details don’t sound right, but some of them look realistic. Anyway, we decided to give you a hint what might come in the second half of 2009.

The slide claims single die, 24MB shared cache and QPI quick link interface with 6.4GB/s speed. In this slide it doesn’t say that Nehalem will actually support hyper threading and it claims that Intel’s CPU for the second half of 2009 will be made in 45 nanometer, when we know that Intel plans 32 nanometer for the same year.

The most interesting thing is the Nehalem 8 Way MP with eight CPUs with 64 cores, 128 threads, 128 Dimms DDR3. It looks interesting, to say the least.

You can read it all here.

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