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Xbox 360 stats tell all

by on22 September 2007


Over 7 million users and growing


Microsoft must still be smarting over being passed in sales by the Nintendo Wii in worldwide console sales.  However, they still have a lead over Nintendo in the sales of software with over 24.3 million units of software sold for the Xbox 360 platform.

Microsoft is also proud of the fact that the Xbox Live service delivers over 2.6 million instant text and voice messages per day. Microsoft now claims that Xbox Live is “the largest social network in the living room.” This is easy to understand because Microsoft has just crossed the 7 million user mark and is on track to break 10 million by June 2008. 70% of Xbox Live users have used Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade, while only 28% have purchased at least one game from the service.

Xbox Live is the leading provider of on-demand-high-definition content with almost twice the number of offerings as its nearest competitor. Xbox Live has hosted over 3.1 billion gaming sessions since it was launched. Xbox Live Gold Subscribers average at least 23 buddies on their “friends list” with over 1.2 cross-game invites that have been sent.

The most popular title played on Xbox Live is “Halo 2,” which was originally developed for the first generation Xbox. It is followed in popularity by the Xbox 360 titles “Gears of War” and “Rainbow Six Las Vegas.” Microsoft hopes that once “Halo 3” launches on September 25th that it will quickly become the most popular game played on Xbox Live.

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