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Bloomfield ? Nehalem supports 3 channel DDR3

by on25 October 2007


Tylersburg chipset

The one and only chipset to support the Bloomfield generation of the Nehalem CPU is codenamed Tylersburg and it will support triple channel DDR3 memory.

This is more of a CPU feature than it is a chipset feature as the Bloomfield CPU features IMC – Integrated memory controller and this IMC only supports DDR3. There won’t be a Nehalem that works with DDR2 and this doesn’t surprise us. Tylersburg will support all Jedec approved DDR3 800, 1066 and 1333 standards, but you will obviously be able to clock it even faster.

The 3 channel support is the surprising part as we expected the usual dual channel and maybe quad where each memory bank talks to a single core, but only in our wildest dreams we would never have expected tri channel.

Nehalem is a brand new thing and it will take roughly a year until you'll see it, as it is scheduled for a Q4 2008 introduction.

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