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MIT geeks pull Halo 3 prank

by on26 September 2007


Statue transformed into Master Chief


You may think there was already too much Halo 3 stuff in the news, with people camping in front of stores, CNN reports on the "biggest entertainment event of the year" and  bold Hungarians breaking into a warehouse to get their copy, here.

Well, the students at MIT didn't want to be left out, so, in keeping with their long tradition of pulling elaborate pranks, they got into the Halo 3 craze too.


A group of creative and rather talented pranksters with way too much time on their hands turned a statue of John Harvard into Halo's Master Chief. According to MIT's The Tech, a helmet, labeled "Master Chief in training" was placed on the unsuspecting statue's head, an assault rifle into its right hand and a beaver emblem on the right shoulder.

The installation was removed the next morning, but it must be said that the MIT hacks really did a terrific job. You can see more images here.

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