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Windows Server 2008 RC 0 Ready

by on26 September 2007


Customer review test-drive edition released


Microsoft is in the news again today with an announcement that the eagerly awaited Windows Server 2008 release candidate 0 is ready for customer previews. Customers and partners will be able to download the test-drive edition which contains the latest development build for Windows 2008 Server.

Windows 2008 Server will feature many new updates and revisions to the Windows Server platform including the new virtualization enhancements, Server Core, PowerShell, Network Access Protection, Server Manager, enhanced networking and clustering abilities. Microsoft also claims multiple enhancements to both the security and stability of the Windows 2008 Server platform.

Microsoft has placed serious attention on “server virtualization,” which is one of the fastest growing areas within server technology. To this end Microsoft will introduce the new Windows Server Virtualization technology which has been known as code name “Viridian” during its development. Windows Server 2008 will feature an ultra-thin “Hypervision” that will check in at under a megabyte that will be used as a virtualization layer that runs between the hardware and the Windows 2008 operating system.

Microsoft will be seeking customer feedback to make additional enhancements and changes prior to the Release of Windows 2008 Server which is scheduled for next year. To get the most out of Windows 2008, users will need to have a processor that has 64 bit support. Rumors continue that Microsoft will only be releasing Windows Server 2008 for 64 bit processors only, which will leave users with legacy hardware that does not have 64 bit support stuck with Windows 2003.

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