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Pineview-D has DirectX 9 graphics

by on30 June 2009


1366x768 is the max LVDS resolution

Intel has revealed its plans for a new Pineview-D platform that is a desktop version of upcoming single and dual-core Atom CPUs. They feature a DirectX 9 graphics core that should be faster than the previous one and the access to faster DDR2 667 and 800 memory should be able to speed up a thing or two.

The DirectX 9 core is naturally weaker than the one in G45 and playing HD will still be a challenge. We have a strong belief that Pineview, Atom D410 and D510 do have the same core, just slightly overclocked, but we cannot confirm this claim.

We still believe that playing any games is out of the question. The interesting part is the LVDS (Low-voltage differential signaling) part of the chipset that manufacturers usually use for LCD screens. The catch is that Intel is trying to limit the LVDS resolution to 1366x768 implicating that larger monitors and bigger resolutions in all-in-ones and possible netbooks won't be able to excede 1366x768.

If such a deskop wants to rely on VGA out, you should be fine as the maximal supported resolution is 2048x1536, 4:3 resolution. DVI or fancy stuff such as HDMI or DisplayPort are naturally out of the question and so is gaming, at least if you don't consider Solitaire is a serious game.

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