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Asus launches four new LCDs

by on05 October 2007


1,680x1,050 on
19 inches

Asus has
announced four new 1,680x1,050 screens, ranging in size from 19, through to 20 and finally 22 inches.

The 19 inch model is interesting, since the large majority of 19 inch widescreens on the market are 1,440x900 displays and only a couple boast the 1,680x1,050 resolution. The VW198S is very reminiscent of the 1,440x900 VW192S, and it looks pretty good if you ask us.

Just like the older model it has integrated speakers, so it could be a nice choice if you're pressed for space and need the extra pixels, in other words it could be popular in offices, especially if it ends up as cheap as the VW192.


Unfortunately it seems that you can't adjust the height, so some neck pain is guaranteed. Brightness is 300cd/m, response time 5ms, and it has a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1. It's got no DVI, just the good old D-sub, but look at the bright side, this probably means that it won't be expensive.

If you don't like staring at a bunch of pixels squeezed into a 19 inch screen, or you like to have more acreage, than you can choose one of the 20 or 22 inch models. Both the 20 inch VW202S and the 22 inch VW222S are D-sub only, with response times of 5ms and 2ms respectively and again they have a dymanic contrast ratio of 3000:1 and 2000:1. Only the VW222U gets you DVI, and its pretty much similar to the WV222S.

To our knowledge Asus is in no way affiliated with the Wolfsburg based car maker Volkswagen AG.

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