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New version of GPU-Z out

by on08 October 2007

Version 0.0.6

Our friends over at TechPowerUp! have a new version up of Wizzard's latest tool, GPU-Z. Somehow we'd managed to miss this useful tool and hopefully the uptake will grow.

GPU-Z is pretty much CPU-Z for graphics cards, it'll detect your GPU, the amount of memory, the card manufacturer and bits like shaders and ROPs.

This can be very handy if you're not sure what version of a specific card you have and you can even find out what revision of the GPU it has.

It works with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and it's a tiny download that doesn't require installation, so it's perfect to keep on a USB key.

TechPowerUp! also has a database of the information submitted by those using GPU-Z and close to 15,500 submissions have been posted so far. Out of those 58 percent use Nvidia and 37 percent AMD, while 5 percent have unknown cards.

You can find out more here
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