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Nehalem has 4 to 8 cores

by on18 September 2007


IDF 2007:
Each has two threads

Nehalem is up and running and it can talk to Paul Ottelini. It is three weeks old silycon and it works with Windows XP and it boots even OS10 but not Vista.

This CPU will be in production in 2008 and it has 731 million transistors. It is made in Intel's Oregon Fab and it will grow to eight cores in 2008.

Each core has two threads which means you will have up to sixteen treads to work on the applications at the same time.

Nehalem will have an integrated memory controller and a flexibile design as you will be able to turn cores, threads or cash on or of. BTW Ottelini Intel's CEO is still talking about the new stuff so there will be more. 

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