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Intel to attack iPhone

by on19 September 2007


IDF 2007: Ultra mobile Mortown in 2008


Intel wants to get in all ultra mobile packets and it can get Wi-Fi and Wimax in pocket Mobile Myspace. Anand Chandrasekher Senior Vice PresidentGeneral Manager, Ultra Mobility Group was really big on this ultra portable devices.  He wants to see you using them for internet all the time. They now call them MID Mobile Internet device and Ultra mobile PC term was not used.

Menlow the bigger chipset is 2008 and it is on the track to ship for ultra mobile PC's but the most interesting is the upcoming Mortown platform that will let Intel make an iPhone like device for internet.

The mock up that Anand C. showed looks very iphonish and this is the direction where Intel wants to go.

Intel also claims 10X lower power in idle mode for Mortown and for these devices this is really important. Intel didn't want to comment many things about Moretown and it said it will talk more about it next year. 

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