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Native Intel CPU GPU in 2010

by on20 September 2007


IDF 2007: 10X boost

Intel has confirmed that once it goes to 32 nanometre it will be ready to make its first real CPU meets GPU, Fusion chip.

Nehalem makes it possible as once you move the memory controller on the CPU, the graphics wants to be there. It is not clear if the first Intel's CPU+GPU will be two cores on a die or two packages but the next generation one looks like it will all be on a single chip.

32 nm CPU+GPU will come in 2010 and it will offer a 10X performance increase over Intel's current integrated solutions, and it will be a native design.

The way we understood in 45 nanometre we are talking about Nehalem CPU and a GPU on a single chip that has been developed separately while in 32 nanometre they make them together from the day one.

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